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FONCASAL is a spanish company with more tan 20 years at the forefront as a manufacturer of refrigerated food products. Transformation of cooked CEFALOPODS (octopus, giant squid, cuttlefish, squid…)

Foncasal, S.L. is equipped with the latest technology in its field and a strong annual investment in R+D+u, which allow FONCASAL provide with assurance and confidence all its clients.


Foncasal, S.L. – is the result of the convergence of two professional teams. The first began its journey in 1995 within the meat sector, immediately emerging with great success in the international market, specifically in countries of the RUSSIAN AREA.
The second team joined in 1998, coming from the sector of canned and semi-preserved delicatessen products, contributing and completing with range of novelty products never seen before in the market. These products on fish and seafood bases, are easier and rapid to prepare, while maintaining all their nutritional qualities.
The strategy based on innovation and a clear market vocation has allowed us to reach today looking with hope and enthusiasm for the future.



Foncasal, S.L. permanently seeks for the adaptation to the realities that are existing in the countries in which Foncasal is operating. Therefore, in 2003, we created our own integrated R + D + i within the structure of the company. Its OBJECTIVE was to achieve the independence of external agents, allowing to be at the VANGUARD in the productive technological levels, maintaining the flexibility of the current system.

The concept of INNOVATION is composed by CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVITY in containers and packaging, the new FORMULATIONS and the improvement in the processes of food CONSERVATION respecting the intrinsic properties of every element.

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The Company Foncasal, S.L is founding partner of AIDIA (Association for the research and development of the Food Industry) and CITA (Center for Innovation and Technology of La Rioja).
Some of the projects executed: CENIT-HIGEA “Tools to investigate and generate new methodologies for the prevention of chronic food diseases”.
ADER-MITyC “Development of sliced raw meat products with long shelf life”.
CDTI-ADER “Study and development of new products based on the use of natural antioxidants in different food matrix”.