Our commitment to taste and know-how


We were born in 1995 with the mission to produce quality products to be used in the creations of the most expert chefs, and to reach the homes of consumers to help them in the developing of all their creativity.
La trayectoria de la marca NUCHAR comienza con la elaboración de PULPO COCIDO al estilo tradicional, en grandes ollas a temperatura controlada y constante, y con tiempos que varían en función de los tamaños de las piezas. Todo para conseguir un resultado extraordinario en textura y sabor. Posteriormente hemos ido aplicando nuestro conocimiento a otros cefalópodos y mariscos, contando en la actualidad con un amplio portfolio.
The strategy based on innovation and a clear market vocation, has allowed us to reach today looking with hope and enthusiasm towards the future.


We are constantly seeking for the adaptation to the reality of those markets in which we are presented, and this requires us to be agile and at the forefront of innovation. For this reason, in 2003, we created our own R+D+i department integrated into the company structure, which has allowed us gain more flexibility and proximity to our customers. We also collaborate closely with renowned organizations in the field of Research, which allows us to have first-hand access to the latest technologies and advances in nutrition and food safety.
In the concept of innovation comes into play the cutting-edge technology, our creativity in containers and packaging, innovative formulations and improvements in food preservation processes, respecting the intrinsic properties of each aliment.


Octopus is considered a delicacy, due to its cut, texture and taste of the sea. We are specialists in cooking cephalopods and especially octopus. You just have to enjoy it!

Long-term refrigerated products

Our strict safety standards, together with the packaging, the pasteurization process and cold storaging , make you enjoy our refrigerated products for longer.


Cephalopods are the source of protein, vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat.

Safe and resistant packaging

We use containers that adhere to the product like a second skin, protecting it from breakage and guaranteeing the vacuum system and the food safety.

Ready to Eat

NUCHAR products are already cooked so you only have to open them, heat them and incorporate them into your recipes.