Octopus Carpaccio and baked potato with Espelette paprika


Cooked Octopus Carpaccio 80g NUCHAR


Small, thin-skinned potatoes.


Extra virgin olive oil


Salt flakes


Espelette paprika


Preparation time: 20 minutos

Serves: 4

Dish type: Starter to share.


  1. Wash the potatoes and cut them into very thin slices. (If you do it with a cutting machine, they’ll all be the same thickness.)

    Place them in the baking dish on baking paper and add salt and oil.


  2. Baking: 10 minutes at 180º.

    Make sure that the potatoes do not burn as the slices are very thin.

    When the potato starts to brown you can turn off the oven, they will finish cooking with the residual heat from the oven.


  3. Place the potatoes on the serving plate and add paprika and season with salt and oil.

  4. Without opening or piercing the container of NUCHAR Cooked Octopus Carpaccio, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  5. Place the octopus carpaccio on top of the potatoes and season with paprika, salt and oil.

    Serve afterwards.

Dish finishes

You can heat it in the oven before serving it for 4 minutes.This will serve to keep it warm and to brown the octopus part a bit.


The paprika we have used in this recipe is of the d'Espelette variety. This paprika has a slightly thicker texture and an intense, savory flavor. A little spicy is recommended to enhance the flavor of the dish.